About Jenni

Hi. I’m Jenni. My husband is writing this bio because I hate writing these things (don’t you?) Ugh.

Why Jenni is almost never in photos

So I was searching my hard drive looking for the perfect photo to put on this bio page and realized that this is really hard. There are tons of photos of me, the kids, the cat, and of course the gorgeous outdoor photography she has in the gallery.

Obviously I found one. But argh. You know? Jenni Billings

Jenni has this compulsion to take photos. It’s not a slight urge or even a want. Compulsion. Must.. take…photos.

We’ve lived in seven different cities together and walked hundreds of miles through them, often meandering into places most people don’t go. I can’t count how many times I’ll be walking along and suddenly realize I’ve been jabbering to myself. I look back and of course, Jenni is 50 yards away, framing a shot of something that I missed.

“Didn’t you see that leaf?” she’ll ask. By now she knows the answer. Of course I missed it, but it’s cool because later I’ll get to see it in gorgeous color on my huge monitor. I can live with that.

Jenni looks at the same things we do, but she sees the things most of us miss. I’ll point out another gorgeous photo and ask her where she took it. “You were standing right next to me!”

As an artist I’m a little chagrined. But on another level I feel an enormous sense of being an insider to the world she sees. She captures these small pieces of our world and shows us how to view them ┬áin a way we’d never considered. It’s magic.