Left Over Love

Happy Valentine’s day.


The “bamboo” in this picture was a neat sculpture piece we stumbled upon on our way to the Space Needle and EMP/SFM.  It made for some pretty fun picture taking opportunities.  I am especially fond of the ones I took with my  kids peeking through the open spaces.

Orange Kid

I thought this Seattle Series really wouldn’t be complete without a shot of the orange (loving) kid.

June 2009

Orange Bus

On our way to one of our favorite Seattle hot spots,  Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum (EMP/SFM) we were happy to see an orange bus! If you haven’t been to EMP/SFM, you are missing out!  It is one of the places we go back to each time we visit Seattle. It has quite an interesting collection of SciFi stuff and an awesome and always changing music experience.  My teen son was inspired by the Jimi Hendrix exhibit and after this trip his musical aptitude exploded.

And if none of that interests you…. just keep a look out for the orange bus.

Orange Cab

We visited Seattle, WA in June 2009, when the Tot was one and a half years old. He liked the city, but what he REALLY appreciated was the fact that his all time favorite color was all over the place.  We could always engage his interest looking for orange cabs, buses, and lights!

knotty driftwood

I just love the texture of this piece. It was so smooth to the touch.

Taken near Cannon Beach, OR, while exploring with the tot.

drifted & uprooted

Again, I was drawn to the texture and feel of this driftwood.  The tot & I thoroughly explored this piece.  It was a treehouse, a cave, a boat and prop for lots of imaginative play.  Some day, I want pieces like this in my yard… or my home. Of course, I also propped the tot into the nook at the base and got some really cute portraits.

Taken June 2010, near Cannon Beach, OR


This was taken near Cannon Beach, OR, on a little adventure hike I took with my tot one day last June.

beach grass