The eye of the beholder

We were surprised to find this slug in the kitchen this morning.

His cuteness grew exponentially upon relocation. He definately belongs outside! It was the oddest thing to hear Jacob saying,”Um, there’s a really big slug in the kitchen.”. Yup- really bug, indeed.

We have no idea how he got in there- and why he came put of hiding for Jacob- four of us had been in & out of the kitchen all morning and none saw a slug- and it’s kinda hard not to notice four or five inches of slimey creature on the white cabinet!

I am glad we had a visit from our most definately uninvited guest this morning. His visit, and subsequent relocation, prompted me to take the tot out for a little nature adventure.

Trees were climbed, puddles were splashed, mud was enjoyed, ponds were visited, fish were fed, snails were discovered and pictures were taken. I will upload them as soon as I download them from my camera. The slug pictured here, and this post are brought to you from my phone.

For now…. Naps are to be had.

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    JaimeyApril 17th, 2010, 8:17 pm

    Gorgeous photo. Blech slug. I would have done the “ew” dance for days walking into the kitchen. In fact, I’m kinda doing it now from 40 miles away! :)

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