I have started and stalled out on so many blogs in my life. I intend to make this one stick. What I hope to share with this work is to write out in actual words that others can understand, the odd way that I cook. I feel that anyone can cook, anyone can bake. I feel my particular ‘skills’ in this area are in trial and error. I trust my senses in cooking. I see a recipe as a suggestion. I’ve developed my confidence in cooking this way over the years, I think, in part, because I didn’t always have the best equipment, or any special equipment. I would often resent a recipe calling for something so simple as a hand mixer, pastry blender, and don’t get me started about stand mixers or a freakin’ vitamix! I do have many kitchen gadgets now, and I use them frequently and gratefully. They are tools but not necessary. People cook with the simplest of tools of hands and rocks (and ingredients!) to the best of what technology has to offer. I think there is magic in that realization.

There may be no point to this first post. … but.. I’ve got to start somewhere…. again. =)

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